Cyberworld China
Cyberworld (Asia) Ltd. with a forward-looking vision to open Chinese mainland market strategy, in 2011 the establishment of Guangzhou Cyberworld Technology Company Limited, inheriting Cyberworld's Hong Kong headquarters for more than 30 years of unique and valuable industry experience, all the way steadily expand the territory, deeply cultivate China mainland IT market for 12 years. From Junior to industry experts, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities have the imprint of us. In tandem with Cyberworld's Hong Kong and Macau markets, we have resounded its brand reputation, service popularity and professional loyalty in China. Many vendors, resellers and end users in China and abroad define us, as the preferred long-term partner.
In the era of rapid changes in information technology, we have continuously upgraded its services in order to give better support to the majority of enterprises, and now have customized services such as planning solutions, pre-sales testing, project management, after-sales service, technical and product training, etc. At the same time, we explore the current excellent IT products and solutions according to local conditions, and cooperate with well-known foreign vendors such as Claroty, Cohesity, Skybox Security, Sophos, SSH, Trellix, Varonis to form a unique and targeted OT security, data management, cybersecurity networks-based solutions.
Create trust with professionalism. Our cooperative users are all over the country, involving finance, automotive, Internet, food, medical and other industries, including Tencent, Didiglobal, PwC, Tesla China, Volkswagen and other enterprises.

At any time, we always maintain the ideal vision of the future of human society science and technology, iteratively update information technology services, and grow together with the industry.